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‚ÄčBTR 170 “Rebel” by Ober® Cordless POWER.Portable and free to move about.

BTR 170 “Rebel” is the first CORDLESS electric-hydraulic riveter in stainless steel, featuring smart electronics and ON-BOARD control of all application parameters.

BTR 170 “Rebel” makes it easy to use rivets, even for applications which involve a combination of metal/plastic as well as other combinations of materials. This versatile tool can also be used in out-of-the-ordinary or difficult situations without sacrificing precision.

Fields of application

· Automobile industry

· Aereospace

· Naval shipyards

· Railways

· Farming equipment

· Mechanical engineering

· Medical engineering

Product strengths

· Cordless - portable

· Autonomous

· Multi-setting, a wide range of ON-BOARD settings

· Designed for intensive use (an electric-hydraulic system with brushless motors)

· Innovative electro-hydraulic technology patented by Ober®

· Ability to save and trace all affixing data from every single application

· Ergonomic grip, a balanced centre of gravity and reduced overall weight